Stellar Airpark Young Eagles 

2 December 2017

Event  Information

Free Airplane rides for kids 8-17 yrs at Stellar Airpark - 2 December 2017

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Sorry - All slots for 2017 Full

Thanks to all the 2016 pilots, Kismet, Joe Martin, Static displays and all the rest of the folks who supported our event! 
Event weather information posted here

What is a Young Eagle?

Founded in 1992, the Young Eagles program has dedicated nearly 25 years to giving youth ages 8–17 their first free ride in an airplane.

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Parents Information

Your child can join the ranks of more than 1.8 million Young Eagles® and see their world from a whole new perspective

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Volunteer Information

Hard work and dedication of volunteers is the primary reason why the Young Eagles continues to be a success in building the next generation of aviators

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Past Stellar events

Our annual Young Eagles event held on 6 Dec 2014

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Planes on Display during event

Young Eagles Flight Reservation

Stellar Airpark Young Eagles Sign up below
Important - The child's parent or guardian must attend the event to sign release allowing flight.
If your email client is not opening, please send to:

2017 Young Eagle Show Times

(Actual flight about 30 minute later)
98 Kids Signed Up So Far 
0745 AM Show Time
  • 1 Ethan H.
    2 Ryan W.
    3 Daniel H.
    4 Bobby H.
    5 Alexander S.
    6 Cody S.
    7 Hanna S.
0800 AM Show Time
1 Rickie S.
2 Harrison S.
3 Matthew T.
4 Rey M.
5 Troy S.
6 Santiago C.
7 John B.
8 Gabriel N.
9 Russel N.
10 Jimmy S.
11 Tiziana S.
12Samara S
13 James S.
14 Joshua B
15 Lucas B
0900 AM Show Time
1 Khalid A.
2 David B.???
3 Collin B.
4 Ryan L.
5 Megan L.
6 Reese M.
7 Theresa O.
8 Jacob O.
9 Breanna T.
10. Mathew J
11. Nicholas J.
12 Brian J.
0915 AM Show time
1 -30  (Sunnyslope 30)
0945 AM Show Time
1 Ace M.
2 Grayden A.
3 Preston H.
4 Latrell C.
5 Taylor S.
1030 AM Show
  • 1  Zachary T.
    2  Hannah B.
    3  Emma D.
    4  Caleb D.
    5  Bryce D.
    6  Kobe L.
    7 Leo M.
    8 Abby M.
    9 Zach B.
    10 Cole B
    11 Austin W.
    12 Cayden W.
    13 Devrin W.
    14 Kayla W.
    15 Xander W.
1115 AM Show Time
  • 1 Jordan T.
    2 Joshua W.
    3 Eric U.
    4 Wyatt H.
    5 Esther H.
    6 William D.
    7 Levi R.
    8 Haylee M
    9 Chloe M.
    10 Jack B.
    11 Sierra R
    12 Quin R.
    13 Lucy D.
    14 Keeton D.
Standby Kids



Include: Plane Type, N Number or Desired work area - see examples below
Pilots Click here for EAA Youth Protection Program
(mandatory to fly) Most completed last year
Click for Pilot Liability Form
Allan Tellam
Columbia 400
Bill York
Billy Walker
Ed Newberg
Cessna Bobcat
Ed Werner
Cessna 150
Joe Sottile
Katie Velvick
Larry Perkins
7AC Champ
Mark Weiss
Piper Warrior
Michael Tragerz
Mike Brownlie
Cessna 206
Mike Wolf
Mylo Wolding
Peter Lenton
Cessna 182
Randy Richmond
Cessna 177
Robert Garrett
Scott Mills
Piper Cherokee
Shane Kneisel
Steve Snyder
Ground Volunteers -2017
Andrea Di Prima
Arne & Roxana Haeussler
Staging Kids
Arnie Evdokimo & Family
Static Display
Carol Janni
Staging Kids
Cheri McGunagle
Dan Perry
Food and Drinks
Jessica Jordan
Staging Kids
John Prescott
Staging Kids
Kathy Gearhart
Registration Table
Kismet Weiss
Scheduling Table
Kurt Gearhart
Lisa Perry
Staging Kids
Sarah Wessel
Scheduling Table

Important Volunteer Information Here

If you need special help with your plane and Young Eagles (i.e. help loading or child size limits), please contact Kurt. 


6:45 Setup

7:20 Static Displays in Place

7:30 Pilots and Planes in Place

7:30 Non-Pilot Volunteer Meeting

7:45 Pilot Meeting

8:15 First Flights

12:00 Last Flight Takes Off

Stellar Frequency Changed in 2015

The new Stellar Airpark Unicom is 122.975

Stellar Unicom 122.975
Map of Event Area at Stellar Airpart
2017 Stellar Pilot Guide for Young Eagle Flight